Thursday, June 5, 2008

"I Won't Fall Apart Again"

I am really getting sick of the song lyrics.

The Mets won!  YAY!  I am glad they are playing better.  John Maine had another solid outing.  If the Mets never got Johan then I think John would be our ace.  Jose looks locked in at the plate.  He hit another homer yesterday and I don't always like when he hits the ball in the air but when he is going the way he is his at-bats always seem to work out.  Carlos Beltran continued to hit the ball hard and got a double off the glove of Aaron Rowand (grr.)  I don't like Aaron.  That play is perfect to prove baseball is a game of inches.  But I also think baseball is a game of hotdogs.  I have the Brewers' sausage race to prove that!  It is nice when the offense and pitching is clicking.  Also, Duaner has had 2 at-bats this year.  He batted yesterday and in that extra inning game won by the Tatis double.  I am glad I could actually watch this game since it was a day game.

Mike Pelfrey is starting tonight.  Maybe I will stay up and do my French project to watch!
Let's Go Mets! 

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Anonymous said...

"But I also think baseball is a game of hotdogs."

But you don't even get hot dogs when you go to a game.