Sunday, April 13, 2008

An Update On My "Boyfriend"

Mike Nickeas played last night.  Sad to say he went 0-5 and does not have a hit in two games this season.  Come on Mikey!  The good news from the game is the Zephyrs won 9-0 and he was the catcher so he had to have helped some way.  I am proud of him for catching and calling the pitches in a shutout.
Come on!  Keep your eye on the ball and follow through!

Let's Go Mike!
...I mean Zephyrs!
......I mean Mets!


mandachan said...

sorry again. once again, better luck next time. i was all happy 'cause my man scored 3 runs against the twins yesterday :D :D :D :D. and i like that t-shirt you saw with the whole johnny damon thing.

Ellie said...

i like seeing the royals do well because they are one of the biggest underdogs ever and when everybody is so surprised that they know how to play baseball. kinda like my bros little league team that scored 14 runs the other day when everybody thought they would just stand in the field kicking dirt

mandachan said...

yeah. everyone at school is like, 'eeewwww how can you like the royals they suck' and i just laugh and bring up how they kicked the yankees' butts 2 games in a row (the sox fans don't usually bother me 'cause i'm one of them, but the yankees fans hate me 'cause i like the sox and the royals). it's fun.