Thursday, April 10, 2008

That Is What I like To See!

There is so much I could say about the game last night.  Let me begin with Mike Pelfrey.  He pitched VERY well last night and although he only went five innings, he showed why he is here. His pitch count was up and he could probably gone longer if the batters didn't foul off so many pitches.  I am really happy for him.  (And he was really cute in the interview with Kevin during the game after he pitched!)
Now to the Phillies.  No doubt about it, the Phillies have owned the Mets since last July.  The thing is yesterday the Mets were getting clutch hits and were taking advantage of key Phillie errors.  They scored runs even though Wright and Beltran were both hitless (although they both had a walk) and that is a good sign.  Jose also started to get on base and he seemed more patient. Overall this was a good, strong win.
Now some quotes
Brian Schneider on The Big Pelf:
“I’m proud of him…He worked around the plate all night, he pounded the strike zone.  They fouled off a lot of pitches, but I think he could have gone a lot deeper in the game.  But, you’ve got to hand it to him and like I said, I’m proud of him…We watched a lot of tape, and we established what we wanted to do and he stuck to the game plan really well.  He stayed with me and did a great job.  I just wish he could have gone deeper.”
Willie on Pelfrey:
“Nice job out of Mike tonight.  Nice job.  Good for him, and good for his confidence to get him going.  He threw the ball well, got a little scattery at times but it’s good to get that win under his belt.  I look forward to his next start…The name of the game in this league is to be consistent.  We know what he’s capable of doing and the thing is for him to believe he can do it consistently…This is just one start, but for him it’s nice to get off on the right foot.”
Pelf on Pelf:
“One thing I’ve quit doing is I’ve quit reading everything.  I quit paying attention to all that stuff…If I come out here and I perform, I think they’ll find a way to keep me around…You never want anybody to go down.  But when Pedro went down I thought, ‘Hey, I’ve got to step up.’  I want to be one of those guys they can hand the ball to every fifth day and not have to worry about it.”

Now for something completely unrelated to the Mets:
I decided to watch Grady play yesterday on and what I saw was the Indians get crushed.  I heard the supernatural.  In the game Mike Napoli (I think) was at bat with the bases loaded and the Angels announcers mentioned that he had never hit a grand slam.  Then, BAM!  He hits a grand slam.  Later in the game I am unsure of when the Angels were at bat again.  The announcers mention how one mistake by the pitcher could have 9 runs from the Angels.  Guess what?  The batter hits a home run and the Angels have 9 runs.
Just thought this was a bit weird. 

Let's Go Mets!

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