Friday, April 11, 2008

Goodbye Michael

Note: I am sure everybody has read enough about the Mets win last night and I have nothing to say except that this was WAY overdue, so this has nothing to do with the Mets and/or baseball.

Last night, sadly, Michael Johns was eliminated from American Idol.  I am a HUGE fan of his and am devastated by this.  I didn't even know yesterday because I was watching the game instead of Idol Gives Back.  When I got on the computer this afternoon I thought I would see that one of the girls left.  There are no words to say the shock that I am in right now and I am not watching Idol this season until I get over this.  That could take a week or many even months but I am very mad at whoever didn't vote for Michael.  The only other thing I have to say is that Michael clearly had the most talent of any of them and the contest is null without him.
OH... and PLEASE support David Cook now
for me!

Let's Go Michael!
and David!

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