Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Knew They Could Do It!

What a game last night!  The Mets really seemed like they cared.  I cannot get over how well Mike Pelfrey has pitched this season!  He had his stuff last night and has gained every bit of his confidence back.  Who said he didn't deserve to make the team?  I know I never did!  Also, David had 5 RBI and another homer!  He is starting to really get locked in and hit his pitches.  At one point in the game a shot of the dugout was shown and Figgy was smiling.  Just acting as if he were a fan in the stands.  I love that!  It felt like the Mets of old last night and I want it to stay like that. It is a good feeling and the Mets can win when they play like that.  Reyes was on.  So was Carlos (both!).  Everybody helped out and Duaner came back and left off where he finished in 2006.  And the idea of batting Church 2nd worked out and I give all my respect to Willie for obviously knowing what he was doing.  I can't wait until 2night!

Let's Go Mets!

now i should start that essay for science
......yes science!!

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