Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Here Is Something

I wrote this on ArmChairGM:
Every time I write on here it only seems to be something bad about the Mets. Then again I don't write very often. But Aaron Heilman has forced me to write this. He is really driving me nuts and every time he comes in I feel like either the Mets will fall more runs behind or will have their lead cut in half or blown all together. And now there is also Jorge Sosa that only knows how to be part of the opposing team. It is early in the season and they will most likely get over this but they are looking like they are stuck in 2007. The position players seemed to have put that out of their minds and I have too, mostly. But whenever they come in to pitch I want to leave the room. Willie Randolph continues to say he will use Heilman in the 8th inning and I know if he said he wasn't the same people that are criticizing him for keeping him in the 8th would be saying he shouldn't throw a player under the bus that way. Duaner Sanchez has pitched well in limited work and if some of that work could be moved to the 8th a lot of fans would have more confidence. I have really lost faith in Willie with the bullpen and, I think most people have this opinion about their thoughts, I feel like some of MY ideas would work better. The starters have been doing their job and last night John Maine only gave up 2 runs and the bullpen gave up 5 and Maine still got the loss. I understand his ERA didn't go up but by looking at the score, 7-1, and the losing pitcher, Maine, it looks like he did a lot worse than what really happened. The Mets are better than this and I am getting sick of the bullpen making the entire team look bad.

Just thought I would share it.

Let's Go Mets!

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