Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Was Momentarily Confused!

If you watch iCarly you would understand that.  The truth is, I was not really confused I was worried.  About Grady that is.  His Indians literally JUST won on a walk off single by Victor Martinez.  Grady scored the winning run but that almost didn't happen.  After running to second base Grady turned an ankle and the trainer for the Indians had to come out.  Grady convinced them that he was okay and after doing a couple of sprints he looked okay as well.  I am glad he is healthy and now Brian Schneider needs to come back before he loses his job to Gustavo Molina.  And no, he is NOT related to the other Molinas and it is not like he could win Brian's job.  Anyways, I am glad Grady is fine after that moment of worry.

Indians won 5 in a row!
Let's Go Mets!

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