Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keep It Up!

The pic is so I can see my "boyfriend" when I open the page.  Now that I am back from the eye doctor and have new glasses so I can see, I can post this.
WOW!  Another solid win for the Mets last night.  John Maine got into some trouble but managed to work out of it while only giving up 2 runs.  Also, when David started to run away with the Mets lead in homers the team woke up.  Jose, Carlos Beltran, and Ryan Church all hit homers last night.  Church said he likes hitting second and after my doubts I think I like him hitting there. The Mets have really woken up these past 2 games and I hope they can keep this going.  I also think the Brewers series really showed them that they all need to contribute.  It also showed the ugly side of New York Mets fans.

Let's Go Mets!
Figgy your up!

well... i can't post pics now so the "boyfriend" pic will have to wait


Andrew Vazzano said...

D. Wright is better looking than Nickeas. :p

(David is my man crush. No homo.)

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Ellie said...

at times i think that too but i like how nobody knows about nickeas