Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm Confubbled

Now you are probably wondering what confubbled means.  It means confused.  You are also probably wondering what makes me confubbled.  Well look see:
SS Jose Reyes 
RF Ryan Church 
3B David Wright 
CF Carlos Beltran 
1B Carlos Delgado 
LF Angel Pagan 
C Brian Schneider 
2B Luis Castillo 
RHP Mike Pelfrey
courtesy of LoHud Mets Blog
I understand dropping Castillo in the batting order but why not put Angel Pagan in the 2 hole? Ryan Church has given the bottom of the lineup strength and will continue to do that as long as he is there.  With Castillo batting 8th that could very well be an easy out before the pitcher. And it is not like we have lots of experience at the plate from our pitchers.  Pagan has proved he is a VERY good #2 hitter.  He was even doing well at leadoff.  He should be rewarded for his excellent play, instead of being dropped all the way down in the batting order.  Now, if this works out, BRAVO to Willie because he knows more than I do and obviously knew what he was doing.  I just have my doubts about hitting Church 2nd.  I guess I am just used to having everything in a set order and not changing it.  I know 2006 will never happen again but everything seemed to be clicking and ever since the Mets have not been able to put the correct pieces together.  Oh well, I guess we will see what happens tonight.
Come on Mikey P!  We need you!

Let's Go Mets!

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