Monday, April 7, 2008

Just To Continue...

Xavier Nady has had a VERY AMAZING week.  And just to continue from yesterday, he was named player of the week for the National League.

Let's Go Mets!
and Xavier!

Factoid of the week: According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Pittsburgh's Xavier Nady is just the sixth player in Major League history to hit a pair of Opening Day home runs twice in his career. The others were Eddie Mathews, Joe Torre, Raul Mondesi, Juan Gonzalez and Adam Dunn.

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mandachan said...

hi random person commenting. like your page ('course, it'd be better if it was the red sox or the royals, but that's ok)
and on your hot-people list, you forgot alex gordon! he's the best!
check out my page, divided loyalty
thnx :D

Ellie said...

he is pretty cute :-)

mandachan said...

heck yeah! glad someone agrees with me (most of my friends are guys, so that'd be kinda weird if they agreed...)
thanks for commenting (none of my other friends bother to write anything useful).
you know, i was surprised they were undefeated for that length of time but it's kinda hard to go undefeated with 162ish games a season...
sweet! someone i can talk to about baseball! woot!
talk to you later :D