Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Am I Awake So Early?

Well, it isn't that early I just thought I might want to sleep in today but that didn't happen.  Last night Johan showed us why the Mets traded their farm system to get him and also gave the bullpen a much needed rest.  Although I think Heilman should get a month off then we will see how much the Mets bullpen ERA goes down without him.  David has been playing like an MVP and last night he went 4-4.  He always is working his hardest and doing everything for the team.  There was a scary moment after Jose Reyes stole second and banged his head on the fielder's knee.  Good news is he was fine and joking about it in the dugout with Willie Randolph.  I like what I saw out of everybody except Heilman and hope to see the same play this afternoon.

Let's Go Mets!

Here is something funny I read on Surfing The Mets:

Billy Wagner had the line of the night. Referring to the booing from the Citizens Bank Park fans as he entered from the bullpen, the closer quipped:

“When I ran in, I thought (Scott) Schoeneweis was with me.”

“Funny guy,” Schoeneweis lightheartedly replied. “It’s when you get booed by the home fans it’s not natural.”

Schoeneweis said fans were taunting him all night by calling him “David Hasselhoff.” Not sure there’s a resemblance, but whatever.

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