Wednesday, April 30, 2008


The Mets were pounded today and I don't feel like talking about it.  Yesterday at the game I got 2 autographs.  One from Doug Mankievichdghdg (who know how to spell it?) and one from Brian Bixler.  I was wearing my pirates jersey 'cuz I wanted an autograph from Xavier but that didn't work out.  It was FREEZING so I used my birthday money to buy a Mets sweatshirt.  I got the same one Mike Pelfrey and Joe Smith are wearing in THE picture.  I left in the middle of the 9th because my dad was really cold and it was late.  I forgot to bring a camera so I don't have any pics. 

Last night my "boyfriend" went 2-for-5 with a run 2 RBI a strikeout and his first homer of the season.  Let's Go MIKE!  The Zephyrs won 7-3 over Tacoma.

No Mets game tomorrow while they travel to Arizona.

Brian Schneider was released from the hospital and according to Adam Rubin Omar Minaya, MIKE PELFREY, and JOE SMITH were his visitors.  Just another reason to love them!  Brian also said it was torture not being able to help the team.  He is such a team player!

Let's Go Mets!


Julie/ said...

That's cool you're keeping tabs on Nickeas. Here's to hoping he stays in the organization and can be promoted to the bigs down the line.

schmifty said...

Pelf went to visit Schneider in the hospital?


I hope Schneider will be able to catch Pelf in his next start...

mandachan said...

yeah, sorry 'bout that. i saw the score in the...7th? guess you call him 'poo-poo perez' for a reason. buddy #1 just grounded into a double play :,( and buddy #2 was out the past few games with a 'sore right groin'. aw man.