Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David Letterman-David Wright-April 14-2008

I knew this would be amusing and I guess Letterman warmed him up for his big game against the Nats. When my mom picked me up from school she said David was very funny and when I asked which one she said both. I am glad I saw this because I missed it the first time he was on. David (Wright) is so cute and funny and amusing in this and I love him!


mandachan said...

that's cool. the only time my man has ever been on tv was the games and that doesn't really count. (although he didn't really do all that great yesterday. 1-4, no runs, 1 rbi. it's something, but not all that great. and the royals lost. but the sox won :D)
i have stuff to do before i go over my friend's house around noon, so i'll get back to you later.

mandachan said...

hey again. two things: 1. good job on that 6-0 win, and 2. did you hear about that guy who fell off of the escalator at shea stadium and died? yikes. scary stuff. (not something you hear about every day)

Ellie said...

i just got home from school (break is next week) and have not heard about the escalator mishap yet. the win was even better because david had 5 rbi and mike pelfrey pitched very well!