Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I Could Just Eat Him Up!

David Wright has a sandwich.  I can't wait until I get to try it.  David is too cute to miss out on this one.  He is really doing more with the media lately, if you want to call this the media.  I am glad because I miss him doing stuff off the field.  He has seemed like the only person that has not changed who they are since last September.  He always works hard and he has started to work harder but he didn't go and say he wasn't going to have as much fu, like Jose Reyes.  He has also taken on a "captain like" role on this team.  Even if he says he doesn't want it I think he should be captain and hope one day it will happen.  Mainly, I hope this team gets back on track before May (or next week).

Let's Go Mets!

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