Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"Be careful what you wish for, history starts now"

I know, I am boring and uncreative (is that a word?) but the song is World by Five For Fighting and I really like it.  I have decided I will not make up my own title until the Mets start to play consistently.  And by that I mean play consistently WELL.  At some point the song lyrics will get so boring the Mets will have to save the readers of this blog and so they will start to play the way we know they are able to.

About the game: John Maine didn't have his best stuff today and I am starting to think he just doesn't pitch well against the Braves.  It happens and I am not going to get mad at him because he has pitched well this year.  I didn't expect the bats to wake up because I think the off day killed the momentum from the two wins over the Yankees.  Tom Glavine really bothers me.  I saw his last inning when I got home from school and I feel like he didn't want to win the last game of the season last year because he didn't want a reason to come back to the Mets.  It is hard to believe he ever was a Met.  I am relieved the Mets have the game later because they can come back and play well and score some runs.  Claudio Vargas is pitching and let's hope he pitches like he did last time.  (Only this time I don't want Willie to pull him when he could give the Mets at least one more solid inning).  And, BTW, I refuse to talk about Aaron Heilman anymore.

Kudos to Jon Lester on no-hitting the Royals last night.  If my computer and internet were working properly I could have watched.  But it was probably better for Jon that I didn't watch. =)

Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

nice. they won last night too, and my buddy (#1, #2 didn't play >:|) did really well in the 6 innings i watched.