Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lookin' Good!

Last night Mike Nickeas went 1-for-3 with a walk and is no batting .220 in the win by Fresno 3-2 over the Zephyrs.  They haven't won in who knows how long.  I am not sure if I should  say the Mets lost last night or this morning but they lost none the less.  I forgave them for that when they scored enough runs to have won all three games today and John Maine pitched like there was not tomorrow.  To add to that, Angel Pagan made an absolutely AMAZING UNBELIEVABLE catch falling into the stands in the first inning today.  The Mets finally were able to get hits with runners in scoring position and even John Maine had 2 RBI.  Maybe he will start to hit like Micah Owings?  I know... I'm dreaming.  

But it has been a pretty good day for me except for the fact that I have been sore because yesterday (Brian Schneider inspired me a little too much) I decided to spend the entire 45 minutes of gym class being the catcher for softball.  I did this because the bat they have is the size of the one I used in first grade.  I cannot put into words how much respect I have for professional catchers that do that everyday.  And to add to that I have to run the mile tomorrow.  You see, the last time I said I ran the mile it was only the practice mile.
I was also at the Indians @ Yankees game yesterday and got a TON of pics of Grady and Kyle Farnsworth.  The pics of Kyle are for somebody I know.  My dad took the train in from Phillie so my mom dropped me off at the the game with my brother and sister and we met my dad there.  We stayed until Grady's last at-bat and then had to go to the car that was coming to bring us home.
Interesting thing that happened: When we went down to the loge to see Grady's last at-bat I sat down with my sis and bro.  As we were getting up after he walked a Yankee fan sitting behind me said that, "I lost" because I was wearing my Sizemore jersey and they were behind 3-2 at that point.  Later in the inning there was a pinch hit 3-run homer that ended up winning it for the Indians.  I wonder what the guy was thinking then.
Also: There were the most visiting team fans I have seen at the game expect for games between rival teams.  Most were women wearing Grady Sizemore jerseys.

The Mets have the day off and then Mike Pelfrey will finally pitch with Brian behind the plate against the Reds.
Let's Go Mets!

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mandachan said...

guess who hit a 2-run home run yesterday :D :D :D :D. the picture they have on is kinda crappy though (it's him hi-5ing someone else and his helmet's all crooked so all you can see is his nose and mouth)