Sunday, May 4, 2008

Keep It Positive!

Keep it positive
As you slap her to the floor
Keep it positive
As you pull her hair and call her whore

The Mets need some inspiration so I am using Legally Blonde: the Musical to give it to them!  Mike Pelfrey was not on his game last night.  I didn't think he would be without Brian behind the plate. Schneider can't get back into the lineup soon enough.  At least the Mets were still in the game when Mike was pitching.  Sanchez gave up 5 runs in the eighth and that slammed the door on the Mets. If the Mets can win today I will forget about the ugly loss and they could really use the momentum going into a series with the blazing Dodgers. I like the sound of that!  Blazing Dodgers!  Now I want to see some blazing M-E-T-S METS METS METS!

On the hottie front:  Jake Peavy and the Padres won against the Marlins last night.  Alex Gordon and the Royals won against Grady Sizemore, who hit a home run, and the Indians.  I'm not sure what I should make of that.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

yaaay. but i think my buddy went 0-for-whatever 'cause he's been doing that a lot lately. yay for grady sizemore

mandachan said...

oh, and what's with that song? it's so random! kinda like the 'your pants are too tight' song my friend found. weird stuff.

Ellie said...

i was looking for something amusing to do and was listening to the soundtrack so i wanted to be optimistic in a weird "elle woods" sort of way