Monday, May 19, 2008

This One Deserves A Real Title

I guess that means I have to think of a title.  Oh well, too late.  Last night's game was pure fun!  Oliver Perez pitched as well as I have ever seen.  He earned his name back!  The bullpen got plenty of rest in the last three days and they also have today off so they should be fresh for whatever they need in the doubleheader tomorrow.  The Mets hitting didn't slow down and there should have been more runs with Carlos Delgado's home run that wasn't.  I am not going to rant about that for two reasons.  One is that the Mets won by a large margin anyway and the other is because there has been enough rants about it.  

I will say I am torn on the instant-replay in baseball.  Part of me wants the calls to be accurate and the game to be fair.  The other part of me wants baseball to be like it has always been and I don't want it as "modernized" as football with people in the booth telling the manager if he should argue or not.  I also know that  at some point a missed call will determine an important game and then who knows what will happen.  But for now, I can say I am mostly against it.

Back to the game.  I am getting the feeling the Mets need something to feed off of for the energy the fans are looking for.  If it is a controversy in the clubhouse like what just happened or the media making a huge statement it doesn't matter.  The Mets really seem to come together when they need to and fall apart right after that.  The energy hasn't lasted long enough and I think the team meeting really jolted the energy.  The Mets need something to drive them or they get in big trouble.

Just wanted to get my two cents out there.  I like what I saw and I want to see more of it as the season progresses.

Let's Go Mets!


mandachan said...

aw, i kinda liked 'poo poo'. but that's good that he's not sucking anymore.
and i heard about the home run thing. what exactly happened anyway? it was so weird yesterday afternoon 'cause it seemed like people kept hitting home runs (the brewers hit 3 and i think the sox hit 4 at least) and everyone was so lax about it. weird.

Ellie said...

Delgado hit a homer that hit off of the foul pole and that means a fair ball and a home run. the original call was home run and then the umpires had a meeting and changed the call to foul ball.