Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Who Can Take A Sunrise?..."

In this article if you scroll down to the part about the Candyman you will see this:

The Candyman

A large, open box of candy always sits on the floor next to Xavier Nady's locker in the clubhouse at PNC Park. Are Skittles the secret of Nady's success at the plate this season?

"No," Nady said, laughing. "I'm just the guy who brings in all the candy for everyone. I mix it up every week."

Xavier truly seems to be a favorite in that clubhouse and I am very happy about that! The Pirates won last night so that was good, especially because they beat the Braves.

Grady hit 2 homers yesterday and that helped Cleveland beat Toronto. Alex Gordon went 1-for-5 in Royals' loss to the Orioles. Mike Nickeas didn't play because Gustavo Molina is getting all of the playing time. UGH!

The Mets won 1/2 of the games they played yesterday and in the night game Mike Pelfrey only gave up 2 runs and he kept the Mets in the game. He also pitched without his mouth guard. I know I said I would have a post about the games but I am too lazy for that. Johan pitched well in the first game even though he gave up ten hits. You can do that when your team scores 12 runs in the game. The Mets kept getting hits with runners on during the first game, with David looking like he was finally getting out of his slump, and in the second game they could barely get hits. Oh well, the Mets will win the game today for their moms!

Let's Go Mets!

Happy Mother's Day!


mandachan said...

yay :D. i still like the pic of him i found in espn about a year ago (before the 2007 season).
speaking of espn, they interviewed grady sizemore and i thought of you.

Ellie said...

i just found and I really like it! thanx for the tip.

Livie23 said...

hey, I went to the Mets game today with my mom in honor of mothers day, and it was also Pink Hat Day, so they gave out free pink mets hats!! the Mets killed the Reds 8-3! and in the 9th inning, when feliciano was pitching, the reds put their batters out in the wrong order, and the umps all conferenced for like 10 minutes before they reached the conclusion that the out-of-order batter was no out, and through alot of booing, the game resumed to make the last two outs!