Thursday, May 1, 2008

It Is Getting Hard...

To find a reason not to love Mike Pelfrey. I just found this article which is mostly about John Maine but it mentions that Mikey plays chess with him. I have not figured out how to play chess and whenever I try it hurts my brain. I like to read about what players are doing off the field without getting too personal and within the week this is the second thing I have found. This is the first that I found:
I thought Kyle Farnsworth might chain himself to the Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade game in the Cleveland visitors’ clubhouse and refuse to leave. Farnsworth, an avid hunter, was giddy the whole long weekend, right at home shooting deer and critters with a plastic rifle. He even ordered the machine for his home, for $5,000.

I know somebody that really likes Kyle and they found that and showed it to me and I think it is funny. Well since he can afford it I don't see why he can't have it.

That's it for now.
Let's Go Mets!

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