Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Could Punch a Brick Wall...

...but I won't because we all know where that gets you. Mike Pelfrey pitched the best game of his LIFETIME and still gets the loss! I feel like I care more than the team. Mike Pelfrey was out there to win and he did what he had to but the Mets looked like they didn't want to play. I am getting so sick of how they are playing and if I even see Heilman up in the BULLPEN again during a close game I am not sure what I will do. There cannot be more of letting Heilman pitch through his struggles because it cost the Mets the game last night and will continue to cost the Mets more games. Jose Reyes looks like he isn't thinking when he is on base and sometimes when he is in the field and today he jogs to 2nd base and sprints to 3rd because he thinks he can succeed while giving half the effort. He has started to understand that he has to get on base. But when he does get on base he has to STAY on base! He always finds some way to get out on the basepaths. I hate to say it, but, David hasn't looked like David for the past couple of weeks and Ryan Church has had a rough 2 or 3 days. The bullpen is giving up too many runs and it is making the rest of the pitching staff look bad. Not many people I know look at the boxscore to see how the starter did. They just assume the starter gave up the runs and that makes me mad beyond belief. The Mets starting pitching has had rough spots but overall I have been pretty confident about it. The bullpen gives up runs and make losses like yesterday's look worse than the 2 runs Claudio Vargas gave up. According to this MetsBlog poll, Joe Smith is the most trusted reliever and that is scary. Heilman has underperformed and saying that is an understatement. Sanchez has not lived up to expectations and Wise has barely pitched, although he had a good outing today. Scott Schoeneweis has been an anchor in the bullpen and last year people were calling for his head! Pedro Feliciano has had his quiet success. It is scary when I think the 2 relievers I would trust the most right now are Joe Smith and Scott Schoeneweis.

I will be at the game tomorrow night and the Mets better have some life!

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I don't even feel like writing
Let's Go Mets!

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