Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"It's Better That We Break"

I would post something about Mike Piazza's retirement but I really am not in the mood for talking about that.  I am also not in the mood to read more than what I have read on MetsBlog about Ryan Church.  If I do I will probably cry.  One reason is because he has become one of my favorites and the other, because the Mets are even more pathetic without him.  It seems that whoever I like to root for gets injured.  At least if they play right field.  This brings up a reason for the Mets to get Xavier back.  I doubt they will get him back.  I read that the Mets are looking to trade Aaron Heilman, but not even the Pirates would take him.  I wish I could play right field for the Mets.  I feel like the Mets aren't trying to win.  I wish I could help Ryan heal faster.  But the truth is, there is nothing I can do.  
I am too depressed to say anything else.
Oh yeah, My "boyfriend" hasn't played in a while.  The Zephyrs haven't won in a while.  It cheers me up a little knowing they don't win when he isn't playing.  I wonder what would happen if he did play!
Let's Go Mets!

and Mike Pelfrey is pitching tonight so that also cheers me up.

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mandachan said...

i heard that someone got a concussion but i still don't know the mets enough to figure out who church was.
did you see my update? :D it took me a while to get the picture just right. still not EXACTLY where i want it, but that's ok.