Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Seven Days And Seven Nights Of Empty Tries"

I actually seems like a lot longer than that for the Mets. The song is "Something That I Already Know" by the Backstreet Boys. I like listening to the Backstreet Boys, even if it is some of their new music. The video in the link has good pictures of them and they bring back good memories.

Now, about the Mets:
I thought Willie would keep his job for now. I think the Wilpons should privately set a goal for Randolph to win a certain amount of games in a certain period of time and if he doesn't come through that's it. They cannot have a long leash for him and I believe they eventually will do the right thing. But they end up taking too long to make the right decision. I have confidence in the Wilpons, it is Omar and Willie that I don't have confidence in. Omar seems to have used all of his magic quickly and I don't see him making any more big moves. Willie had success early and when you get that good there is more bad that can come than good. The winning percentage of The Mets went up for a while and then they got to their peak and Willie couldn't hold it there.

The Mets need to make a move and do it soon.

Speaking of moves: According to Adam Rubin Carlos Muniz is coming to Shea but it is not known who for. Matt Wise may be hurting or my prayers could be answered and Aaron Heilman is going away.

Let's Go Mets!

I have subjected myself to Backstreet Boys music again until the Mets win a game.

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