Saturday, May 31, 2008

"You Know I Wish That I Had Jessie's Girl!"

Okay, well, not really...

Today I wanted the Mets to win and I believed they could win and I was very happy with the performance from Mike Pelfrey.  I was hoping the Mets would score some runs while he was still in the game but that didn't happen.  For some reason it has been challenging for the Mets to score runs in starts made by Mikey P.  But that didn't make a difference in the outcome of today's game.

I tried not to get too disappointed when the Mets kept leaving runners on base.  I started to tell myself that there will not be a bottom of the ninth in this game.  That one worked.  And when David was at bat in the eighth I told myself he would get his first career hit off of Broxton.  That also worked.  So today I guess you could say thinking positive was a good idea.

It was funny when they showed somebody taking a baseball apart and then they showed that is was Ollie.  Perez put the ball in his mouth to try to get it to work better.  John Maine was sitting next to him and gave Ollie a look that said Okay, I don't think you know where that has been.  It was really funny!

Johan is pitching tomorrow night and the game will be on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

Let's Go Mets!

Also, Robinson Cancel is catching for the Zephyrs tonight and Mike caught the last game.  Mike also pinch-ran for Gustavo Molina in the second game of the double header the other day.  If anybody has any updates on the reason Molina hasn't played recently I would really appreciate it.


mandachan said...

hey, i know that your 'boyfriend' is in triple-A for the mets, but your boys down in double-A are pretty good too. i went to a defenders game (connecticut, double-A for the giants), and it was a really good game, aside from the whole bunt/get hit by the pitch shpeel. and you guys won 5-3.

schmifty said...

aww, i saw that little 'moment' between johnny and ollie - it was SO cute! :)