Monday, May 5, 2008

Well At Least...

baseball doesn't have players being arrested for boating drunk. But, baseball has these other things. I cannot believe what is going on. I mean I expected Ozzie Guillen to explode at some point but I didn't think it would be this early in the season. I also know the Red Sox and Yankees have a fierce rivalry. For it to go this far is truly astounding! Wait... did I just use the word ASTOUNDING! It really is bad. I cannot believe how low some people have sunk.

The game isn't until 10:10 New York/eastern time. UGH!
Let's Go Mets!


Andrew Vazzano said...

Hey Ellie,

Just letting you know that in your poll, Smith and Heilman can both be sent down, without having to clear waivers. So, though it probably won't happen, Heilman can be sent to the minors without going to waivers.

Andrew Vazzano

Ellie said...

i figured that out earlier today but i don't think there is any way that heilman would accept a trip to the minors. after how he has responded in the past to not being a starting pitcher that would definitely not agree with him.